Sí, hicimos.

6 November 2008

img_0280When we invited a few friends over to watch the election returns we weren’t exactly planning on this!  We wound up with 25 bikes in our front yard!  Chalk it up to Obamamania…or perhaps Joementum?

So, it was a good night, mostly, except of course for the shameful shit-streak that is Prop. 8.  But I hope the bigots enjoy their homophobic step backwards.  Voters under 30 opposed this disgraceful piece of legalized oppression 2 to 1.  As the proponents of Prop 8. were so keen to point out: it’s all about the children.  Even without mandatory state sponsored pro-gay indoctrination, those children — your children — will legalize gay marriage in a generation or so.  Yes, we will.

Oh yeah, and I’m totally taking credit for Ohio.

5 Responses to “Sí, hicimos.”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    But, Neil, if we legalize gay marriage/adoption rights, the world will end in a firey cataclysm, and the children will be swallowed up by a vengeful Earth. Civilization will crumble, and the ancient gods, sleeping beneath the planet’s crust, will awaken once more. Their thunderous foosteps will be heard the world over as they battle for dominance, humanity laying meager sacrifices at their feet. In this new Urth, what remains of mankind is forever in service to these saurian monstrosities.

    All because of the gays. Right? RIGHT?

  2. neil Says:

    Bring on the saurian monstrosities!

  3. jessica Says:

    I was too excited to hold the camera straight. Sorry! Oh shit, Rachel Maddow’s head has been pasted onto McCain’s body!

  4. Chelsea Says:

    California exstatetriate that I am, I only got updates on Prop 8 from my mom, on her and my grandmother’s opposing viewpoints. Neither of them are citizens so that was no help.

    My intuition was that without a centralized Plouffe-like organization against it, it would pass because churches are de-facto pre-mobilized. Did such a $$$/volunteer force exist or not (I can haz links?)? The only other thing I have to go on is outrage on countless Facebook friends stati, who may or may not have done anything tangible to prevent its success.

  5. neil Says:

    Depending on what numbers you go by 15 – 30% of Californians are regular churchgoers so even if you assume churchgoers are more likely to vote than non-churchgoers (I have no idea if that’s true), and assume that all churchgoers go to regressive churches and vote as a block you still need to account for the support by the other ~20% of the electorate or so.

    While congregational support certainly had a decisive role, a massive ad campaign funded by Knights of Columbus and the LDS church (much of the money for that campaign coming from outside California) may have finally tipped the balance swaying the opinion of enough non-churchgoing (but probably largely older) voters.

    All that said, I think you are right that our side was under-organized. Certainly I was lazy and complacent and really didn’t want to believe that our electorate would actively pursue an agenda of rights-stripping. There was a decent mobilization with stickers and fliers on the UCD campus, but I imagine that was largely a wasted effort, even on this relatively conservative and devout campus.

    I can only hope we’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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