New Evidence Points to Younger Dryas Impact

1 April 2010
Actually, this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the text, but we thought it looked cool. Copyright whomever we stole it from.

The PR office of some university announced the discovery of compelling new evidence that an extraterrestrial impact triggered a pronounced planetary cooling spell known as the Younger Dryas approximately 12.90512 thousand years ago, and ultimately led to the extinction of mammoths and those other things whatever they’re called as well the demise of distinctive Clovis Culture of North America.  Although the Younger Dryas cold interval has been recognized by paleoclimatologists for decades, scientists (well, physicists mostly) have only recently proposed that a comet or asteroid might have been the culprit behind the global cooling.  However, the theory has remained controversial…………………………………………………………….until now.

In a new study published in a scientific journal (you’ll have to figure out which for yourself we don’t “do” citations around here) a global team of experts have stumbled upon a surprising source of compelling evidence for the impact: the absence of compelling evidence.

“The complete lack of solid evidence for an impact at the Younger Dryas is pretty strong evidence that some type of cosmic cover-up has taken place here,” Jones says.  Who is Jones? You probably haven’t heard of him, but he’s an authority on the subject trust me.

“Of course, we can only speculate as to the nature of the super-intelligent space/time faring entities at work here, but I’m going to go with Terminator style robots.  I mean, we’ve seen this kind of thing before.  We’re talking something like Tunguska but times, like, a bajillion.  It was all like ‘sssssheeeew…….KA BOOM!!!!'” according to some other guy who wasn’t involved in the latest research but his e-mail came up when we Googled “comet killed the ice age mammoth dinosaurs.”

That other guy says more research is needed to confirm the non-findings, ” it’s scary stuff man, trippy, scary stuff.  I am SO high right now.”

Source: some press release, I didn’t have time to actually read the paper.

An artist’s depiction of something that almost certainly happened, say scientists.
Okay so actually I just ripped this off from Valin as usual. All Rights Reserved Unforgivable Realness

2 Responses to “New Evidence Points to Younger Dryas Impact”

  1. Dennis Cox Says:

    Nah, It wasn’t a cover-up. Just the result of applying unquestioned 19th century assumptions about the true nature of the catastrophic geomorphology of our planet.

    And the fact that, The most violent mass extinction impact event in 65 million years was a different kind of impact event from anything ever studied before, that produced planetary scarring different from anything imagined before.

    Instead of a single bolide, ballistic/kinetic shock, ground impact. Think Multiple airburst, thermal atmospheric, geo-ablative impact. It didn’t smash into the ground. It blasted it with thousands of airbursts that made the Tunguska object look like a childs pop-toy. And which ablated the Earths surface like chunks of wax under a high pressure blowtorch. It didn’t smash the ground. It ablated it.

    No conspiracy, just old, bad, and unquestioned, 19th century assumptive science, trying to explain something which requires a 21st century viewpoint, and empirical data.

    The Earth sciences are all founded on the unquestioned assumptions of uniform, gradual, geologic change. And the principle that “The present is the key to understanding the past.” And the simple empirical fact is that it isn’t. There is nothing at all in the short period of time described as ‘written history’, that gives us any clue as to the level of catastrophic violence that has happened to this planet in geologically recent, human times.

    As long as they are wearing those 19th century uniformitarian blinders, all of the Earth sciences we continue to be like blind scholars studying an elephant they can’t even imagine. And the elephant is in the room with them

    If you really want to know why no craters can be found. And what the nature of that planetary scarring is. Please see:

  2. ccatctc Says:

    Yet another “Act of God” explanation that explain away everything that happens on Earth. Building blocks of life brought in by comets, forget the Deccan and other volcanics leading up to the K-T extinctions. It is all from “out there”. Personally I think they must be all “out of it”.

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