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Show Me Your Pits

13 June 2010

Totally over frogs.  Now we’re all about snakes.  Also, lizards.

See it? I'll give you a hint, it's a Teiid

What’s next?  Dinosaurs?  Turtles?

stay tuned…



It’s a California Whiptail (Aspidoscelis tigris munda)

A petrifying stare.

13 April 2010

This photo I took at the Cal Academy a while back popped up on my screen saver and inspired me to take a break from the whole dead and stuffed jag, at least for a week.

Speaking of taxidermy though, I really wish I could make it to this auction, or this lecture.

The next time you see me I will be minus a molar.  Life staggers on…  Remind me to tell you about Nevada some time though, the hail storms, and the dust storms and the blizzards and the camera crew.  Strange experience.