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14 September 2011

Deep in some dream last night, I flip a rock and reveal an isopod the size of a silver dollar. Excited I snatch her up to show somebody, I cannot say who, but as I walk the crustacean ebbs to standard lilliputian proportions. Or maybe it’s my hands that are growing.

This all sounds pretty Jungian, or maybe worse, and I suppose soil is the great collective unconscious of terrestrial ecosystems (huh?)

But I guess I’m just a little haunted for not making more of International Rock-Flipping Day 2011.

I did get the chance to turn a few stones. As it happened, some of the same stones as when I first observed the holiday four years ago. Not surprisingly, more or less the same crowd turned up. Minus a weevil, plus a planarian.

Here I count representatives of no fewer than six independent invasions of land, not even counting the plants or fungi — nor the vertebrates which, apart from myself largely didn’t show. Hunkered beneath the twenty million-year-old fossilized shell of a bivalve, one clade that never made it out of the water in any respectable way. Sort of crazy.

Totally forgot the most important part:


18 April 2010

Over at his new digs on Science Blogs, Alex Wild gives a simple solution for getting decent macro shots with an iphone. I won’t give away the secret but it involves Snell’s law.  Moments after reading the post I stepped outside to try my luck…

1 Word Wednesday

20 January 2010

The word of the day is, “bogus” :

“If there is one color that is most decidedly not a classic Earth tone, one that is least associated with living things, it might just be neon blue.”  – Carol Kaesuk Yoon “Luminous 3-D Jungle Is a Biologist’s DreamNew York Times January 18, 2010

See also: Glaucus and Porpita, Blue Morpho, Sailfish, Blue-tailed Skink, William’s Electric Blue Gecko, a whole mess of Cichlids, Hyacinth Macaw, oh yeah and whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

Likewise, (watch to the end if you haven’t seen this before):


7 March 2009


How to snare the nimble marmoset

30 January 2009

My favorite monkey?  First I was thinking Hanuman Langur:

Thomas Schoch - GNU/CC

Thomas Schoch - GNU/CC

but I thought a little longer and decided, Emperor Tamarin.  I’m pretty happy with my decision.  So now this is a monkey meme or whatever.  What’s your favorite monkey?

Courtesal des Nimes

14 March 2008
Got my copy of the Open Lab 20o7 today.  Thanks to Bora, Reed and all of the authors and judges

and to the scorpion-watching cult.  Namaste!


9 October 2007

Photo: Jessica Oster.

Get those Boneyard posts in…coming this Saturday!

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