Snatch Bat

17 February 2007

Habilidades Força: +7; Combate: +3; Esquiva: 2½; Salto: +11; Natação: +3; Furtividade: +5; Corrida: +12; Preparo Físico: +5; Caça: +3.

Sorry about that title, I couldn’t resist. Given the popularity of a previous microecos post about a Mesoamerican deity, I feel compelled to engage in a bit of rampant parablogging and direct my loyal readers toward Darren Naish’s recent post about extinct giant vampire bats and the vampire headed mayan ‘demon’ Camazotz. It’s part of a larger series about sanguivory.

Sweet dreams, don’t let the Desmodontids bite!


It was when they were sentenced to the Bat House, they made their first mistake, in accordance with their destiny. Hunahpu decided to peek outside the blowgun and see if it was morning yet. When he did so, a bat sliced off his head and it went rolling out onto the ballcourt of Xibalba. His brother called all the animals together, asking each to bring its favorite food. The coati brought a squash, and with the help of the gods this became a new head for Hunahpu. Meanwhile the Twins told a rabbit to hide outside the ballcourt. (source:

Were first nation Americans carving squash-heads long before the import of European Samhain traditions?

2 Responses to “Snatch Bat”

  1. n.freeman Says:

    Do you know that the top image is from a book that describes the natural world 10 million years after humanity’s disappearance? My parents own it, it is amazing. You must have seen it in their house, right?

  2. Neil Says:

    Dougal Dixon rocks. I fondly remember looking at After Man at your parent’s house. Quite incidentally Darren has some Dixon redux here.

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