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Jello shots don’t cure chlamydia…

13 November 2008

but they might provide temporary relief.  Of course you should always talk to your personal care provider before beginning any treatment program.


Some weeks ago, I wrote about using Google Trends to track natural phenomenon via search term proxy (See: Dust, Wind, Dude).  Unsurprisingly, those clever folks at Google were way ahead of me  and have recently unveiled Google Flu Trends a tool which tracks flu-related Google searches state-by-state as an index for the intensity of influenza activity.

The potential public health applications and, more amusingly, misapplications of this technique boggle the mind….


Seriously though, can’t they just release Picasa for Mac OS already?

Saturday Insexology 201

25 October 2008

Somewhere in Guizhou… check out the composite seed–there’s a trans-kingdom sex joke in there somewhere, but i’m too tired.