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Oh yeah…

30 May 2008

They were crane flies (Tipula sp.) congrats to Steve and Ted!  Lots of interesting things to say about crane flies, but…no time now!

He gets confused, flying over the dateline…

30 May 2008

Holy crap.  I’m going to China tomorrow!  WTF!?  Suffice to say things will probably be even more quiet than usual around here for the next ten days, depending on my ability to break through the great red firewall.  Oh, who am I kidding, like I’m gonna spend my time blogging anyway!?

In the meantime, go check out my first (and last?) published piece of fiction which appears in the latest issue of Ins&Outs magazine.  From the contents, click “highlights” and scroll down.  You’ll be transfixed by the convoluted smear of ink while the meaning jets away unseen!

See you in a few days!

Azhdarchids: Cretaceous Pumpjacks?

28 May 2008

Naish and Witton’s revolutionary reappraisal of Azhdarchid pterosaurs is blowing up all over the interwebs! The PLOS paper is open access, Darren and Mark each have a post about the paper on their respective blogs and  they have launched a new Azhdarchid-themed blog shattering the ultra-niche-paleoblog specificity bar set by SV-POW!

Suffice to say there’s little I could hope to add, but in the grand tradition of the Nigersaurus as pooper-scooper I couldn’t resist calling everyone’s attention to another case of technology/biology convergence:


Insexology 102

26 May 2008

It appears that my flagrant photoshoppery successfully obscured the identity of last week’s amorous arthropods from all both contestants!  Here’s the original unmanipulated shot, less intimate perhaps, but certainly more revealing.  We’ll let the guessing run for another week…

Enigmatic Triassic Hellasaur Thursday – Prospecting

22 May 2008

No detailed hellasaur exposition today I’m afraid, I’m off to UCMP to…well, play with Triassic hellasaurs.  This seems to be an appropriate moment to bestow some mad props on Annie Alexander (pictured above, looking for Triassic hellasaurs in Nevada).  Sugar heiress, asparagus farmer and founding benefactress of UCMP,  Annie was sort of the anti-Paris Hilton of the early 20th Century.   By all accounts she was a totally inspiring and ground-breaking figure who contributed immensely to the growth of science on the west coast, both as a philanthropist and as a talented field naturalist.

Alexander discovered many important Triassic fossils in California and Nevada while accompanying Berkeley paleontologist John C. Merriam on collecting expeditions which she funded.  In fact, she discovered the type material of one of my favorite Triassic hellasaurs of all, which I’m going to check out right now!

Worst mistake of my life?

20 May 2008

Back around the turn of the century, I joined Friendster.  Everyone was doing it.  It took me a while to jump on the MySpace band-wagon I wasn’t sure if I really needed another social networking site.  Once again, I’ve succumbed to the evil force of peer-pressure and finally joined facebook.  I can already see my productivity going down the toilet…hey but at least I’ll have an active e-social life!


17 May 2008

Had I any brains at all, or mad self-promotional skillz, I would have kept up better with the bug-sex here at microecos. Natura graphica continues to be one of my most frequently visited post–thanks in large part to traffic generated by a brief bit of link love Bora posted years ago–right behind the horrendously titled Oh, oh here she comes she’s a mantid eater, though that one seems mostly to draw in wayward Hall & Oates fans…

At any rate, the insects are copulating wildly this time of year and stroking the sex organs of plants with reckless abandon, sometimes both at the same time!  Since I’ve had such luck with the weekly installment format why don’t we start a Saturday Insexology series?

We’ll kick things off with a reader quiz: Anyone up for identifying the lusty couple pictured above? Too keep it from being too easy I tweaked the colors, though that itself is a subtle hint…  I’ll have the answer next week along with some fresh bug sex shots to share!