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27 February 2008

Shoulda mentioned the scab site: 

Niche Market Cultural Studies Blogger Still On Strike

26 February 2008


and dip for that matter [groan].

Ironically, I’m holding out for fair compensation when microecos material appears on television. Go figure right?

Otherwise I’d be griping up and down about how “no compelling evidence for echolocation” turned into “NEW BAT FOSSIL PROVES FLIGHT EVOLVED BEFORE ECHOLOCATION” (check out where Icaronycteris and Rousettus fall on their non-logged plots) and “it’s not impossible that Beelzebufo might have munched on hatchling dinosaurs” turned into “GIANT FROG ATE BABY DINOSAURS” (it’s also not physically impossible that dubya likes to wash down his stem-cell shooters with civet urine) etc. etc.

In short, you ain’t missing much.


If it ain’t broken…

9 February 2008

Okay. I finally got around to making/breaking some New Year’s resolutions:

1) Stop procrastinating, well guess I blew that one already.

2) Start balancing my checkbook, this one lasted a day though, uh, perhaps “front-end estimating” isn’t really the way to go:

3)er, um, expect the appearance of two new microecos features: Wednesday Walks and Friday Familiars…
some day.

Death Throes pt. 2: Opisthomonotony.

9 February 2008

In the incursive preamble we spiroambulated about the corpses of mummified dinosaurs, pickled pelicans, time and a piss-covered pseudo-esker of rock, rock salt and dust. So, what does all of this have to do with experimental taphonomy?

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Afrotheres of the World Unite!

7 February 2008


The recent description of a new species of sengi, Rynchocyon udzungwensis, inspired me to finally complete a project I’ve been talking about for years. Behold: the official Afrotheria logo–soon to be seen on a bumper-sticker or t-shirt near you!

(Note: while the new sengi is freaking huge, tipping the scales at 700g, the animals in the logo are, um, not to scale).

“Gondwanaism and Afrothereists” is the name of a chapter in my book Paleontology After Modernism which will almost certainly never be written.

I ultimately decided not to include the extinct Afrothere lineages Desmostylians and Embrithopods, despite the fact that they are some of my favorite mammals, because I was afraid it would look too crowded, plus my lab-mates were starting to ask questions.

Anyone who can name all seven taxa pictured will win a free t-shirt, once I get around to printing them…

Props to Seth Newsome for the inspiration.

Now I guess I had better get to designing logos for Xenarthra, Laurasiatheria and Euarchontoglires.

This Blog: Now Dedicated to the Memory of Elron’s Creston Ranch

3 February 2008

(one of those musical diversions…)

Thesis: Punk Rock is a mental virus engineered by aliens to make late model Gen Xers feel bad about the failings of their youth culture.

a. Supporting evidence: KC viz a the raincoats.

Antithesis: Punk Rock is a renal prion engineered by Mayans to make late model Gen Xers feel good about the failings of the FTAA.

i. whatever.

Synthesis: Team sports are still really stupid.  Get over yourselves.