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How I lost a sawbuck

11 March 2009
Gaza, 1957 - Photo taken by James Whitmore courtesy

Gaza, 1957 - Photo taken by James Whitmore courtesy

We had just finished lunch and were just about to leave when a perky sorority girl came striding across the quad with a sign-up sheet, making a beeline for us.

“Um….do you have a minute?”

“Uh, okay sure, really quick.”

“How do you feel about the children of Gaza, of any religion?”

“Can you just explain what you’re raising money for?”

“Oh, um, okay we’re doing ‘dollars for dumps.’  We’re divided the parking lot into squares, and, uh you buy a square for five dollars, and, uh, if the animal poos in your square you win a hundred dollars, and uh, all the money goes to a hospital that treats both Palestinian and Israeli children”

“Hm.  Here’s ten dollars.”

“Oh, I can get you change.”

“Just take it.  I don’t want a square.”

Did I really just make this up?

18 December 2007

Cult of the amauteur:

that’s right, I said it.

Writers’ strike and all…