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Velvet Vitality

5 July 2007

We note another volley in the Homo floresiensis ‘retort-a-thon’. Herskovitz, Kornreich and Laron (2007) argue that the Flores ‘hobbit’ may have suffered from a dwarfism-inducing hormonal defect similar to one found in humans called (!) Laron Syndrome. This disorder is marked by a deficiency of Insulin-like Growth Factor – 1.

Which, apparently, you can purchase in a bottle, with a little antler velvet extract for good measure.

John Hawks has the typically thorough breakdown of the new study.

It’s hard to imagine even the most remarkable non-hominid/n fossil receiving the kind of detailed scrutiny as the Ling Bua skeleton. Still, as in nearly all fervent fossil-debates it seems that hope of consensus will only come with the recovery and description of more material. Even then, such a resolution is, of course, hardly guaranteed.