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Gracious God, what a jaw! how many animals have been crushed by it?

24 October 2008

Mammoth Snack – by the inimitable Unforgivable Realness

lowing of death All were killed except one male the fiercest of the race and him even the artillery of the skies assailed in vain He ascended the bluest summit which shades the source of the Monongahela and roaring aloud bid defiance to every vengeance The red lightning scorched the lofty firs and rived the knotty oaks but only glanced upon the enraged monster At length maddened with fury he leaped over the waves of the west at a bound and this moment reigns the uncontroled monarch of the wilderness in despite even of Omnipotence itself MAN 81
Mastodon, Mammoth, and Man By John Patterson MacLean

Because sometimes, ZooBorns just can’t satisfy one’s primal thirst for unicorn blood.  Also, be sure to check out in the future, war is more humane and centaur solutionto a raptor problem (a diptych!).