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28 October 2012

Some millennia ago receding tides of ice left boulders scattered about Toronto and the city has made do from there.

Some punks accost us on the steps of the hostel. A raccoon scales the building effortlessly. I fight, physically, my female Chinese colleague over a check for Delirium Tremens in a hipster bar while Ray Davies whines in a weird, cool, way.

The interpreter walks into the memory hole and may never walk out again?

These are latter days, we know.


Only later did I stumble across this footage of the aforementioned procyonid. Would love to recut the above to include this, along with various additional salamander sequences that turned up in post production. Alas, who has the time?

About how I just bathed a little salamander

8 August 2011

coated in hair and lint, who had been curled up by the hamper in the bathroom and whom my wife conferred “belonged to me.”

Not this salamander, obviously.  But a relative. No doubt.

Post-script. I found a photo of the salamander in question. Online.


1 January 2011

Election Day Special Edition: Which U.S. Congressional districts look like salamanders

2 November 2010

The apparently inevitable “yes we can’t” pendulum swing promises to radically transform the spirit of the U.S. Congress from hand-wringing tooth-pulling incremental CHANGE to blustery obstinance-only unchange.

But arguably what happens at the state level could be of even greater lasting consequence since (in most cases) the state governments elected today will be using the results of this year’s census to redraw congressional districts following reapportionment.  Or something.

Anyway this seems as good a time as any to try to draw out the urodelan affinities of some of the slipperier districts at least as they now stand.

Of course the original ‘Gerrymander’ (which, if you want to be pedantic I guess, should be pronounced “gary-mander”) was a salamander in the mythological, rather than zoological, sense.  But whatever.

First off, we have Illinois’s 4th Congressional District which is truly a thing of beauty:

It doesn’t not look like a Slender SalamanderBatrachoseps.  I guess.

These dudes don’t have lungs! Which helps when you want to maintain your contiguity when slithering along the interstate.

Sticking with the Praire State, the chunky build of IL 17 is more reminiscent of the handsome and fearful Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum.

Heading down to Upper Cackleackle the serpentine grace of NC 12 recalls of course the anguilline Greater Siren (Siren lacertina)

Texas’s 29th District looks sort of like the original Gerrymander

but is a good excuse to plug the Texas Blind Salamander (Eurycea rathburni):

Here’s Maryland’s 4th District

whose pasty orientation earns it a passing resemblance to the charming Four-toed Salamander (Hemidactylium scutatum) at least in ventral view.

Finally, what do we got?

Oh yeah, California’s 38th District

Which doesn’t really look that much like the California Newt, (Taricha torosa), except perhaps for the bloated belly of La Punte (too many donuts?) but, anyway, I’m off to bed.  Rock on Nevada.

p.s. All images courtesy USGS, USFWS, and USFS … nice knowing you guys.

Chutes and Chutes

23 June 2010

Nope. Still frogs.
but now with 100% more toads!

And for those of you that are sick of the vertebrates here’s a crab.

The little bastard pinched me.
I had it coming.

Speaking of Frogs

7 June 2010

Rock Frog

Originally uploaded by Anauxite

Things might be quite quiet around here for awhile coz, as you probably already know, I’ve relaunched my hiphop career.

I’m touring as MC Pseudacris, so, you know, keep an eye out.


20 May 2010

Blogs are for posting adorable pictures and videos of your pets.  Mostly.