Further adventures in beaked whales

12 April 2012


Speaking of Mesoplodon carlhubbsiNote the hoodie. Guess I’m lucky I wasn’t shot, described and eaten, eh Geraldo?

Elsewise but in a related alveolar groove, any idea what’s going on here?


First person to guess correctly wins the internet. Or maybe I’ll finally just spill the beans on the last mystery photo that is still lingering five posts, five months and two major life-changes back. “Slow-blogging” it’s the next big thing. Oh, and happy belated 6th birthday microecos. Needs more rodents.

2 Responses to “Further adventures in beaked whales”

  1. Boesse Says:

    Hey Neil – I should have checked up on this earlier. My guess at this super cool cetacean is that within the dried gum tissue, there is a row of tiny, atavistic lower teeth; interestingly the alveolar groove is well- groove-like (as opposed to having individual alveoli). The teeth look like they would have barely erupted from the gums and perhaps not at all.

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