Dinosaurs: children of darkness

15 April 2011

As you may have already heard, research published in this week’s Science, suggests that many dinosaurs were active at night.  You know who else are active at night? vampire bats.  Also, werewolves.  And I was never exactly sure what a warlock is, but I’m pretty sure they run around hexing things at night to. Oh yeah, and hobgoblins. And whatever the hell is going on here.

Point is, dinosaurs were Satanists. Some of them anyway.  Probably.

Not that this comes as any surprise really.  I mean, Dracorex? Mahakala? Balaur? Rapator? Pantydraco?

Just this week brings word of Daemonosaurus chauliodus an Upper Triassic theropod that one can only assume had a penchant for black candles and Aleister Crowley.

Scaphognathus, it seems, was more of a wanabee “goth” than a true child of darkness: note the contrived faux-vegetarianism (with those teeth buddy? who are you kidding?) and the mascara. (Photo: Lars Schmitz hilariously interpreted by BBC News.)

This, <ahem>, “Pterodactyl dinosaur” might just be having a weird reaction to Ambien.

You might be thinking we are fortunate to be rid of these dark hordes.  Guess you haven’t been hanging out with oilbirds lately.

So, um, if you were hoping for a thoughtful analysis of this cool paper looks like you came to the wrong place.

Fortunately lead author (and friend!) Lars Schmitz has his own blog where he lays out the background, methodology and significance of this awesome study.  Go check it out! (After you watch these Sabbath videos).

All hail mighty Ba’al, or whatever.

One Response to “Dinosaurs: children of darkness”

  1. Bryan Hughes Says:

    I wonder if pteranodons pretending to be a pterodactyl AND a dinosaur at the same time is part of these goth creature’s rebellious nature.

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