Dude : 0.5 Decades with microecos

4 April 2011

Technically this is called a "cluster-amplexus."

Were this blog a human child its (his?) head would be nearly adult size. Visual tracking would be well developed. Little microecos would be learning to skip and ride a wheeled toy with “speed and skillful steering.” He would be getting a handle on verb tense and object classification. He would get jokes and boast about his accomplishments. We’d be gearing up for kindergarten and shopping for kid-friendly cellular phones.

Of course, if this blog was, in fact, a human child, I would probably be in jail given the last few months of patent neglect, and, anyway, let’s be frank, dubious guardianship up to this point. I mean the standing borderline fugue state you have come to expect from this blog clearly betrays some deep-seated emotional trauma, right?

So yeah, five years.  So many broken links, spoiled references, disintegrating flimsy jokes, curious earnest comments. Half a decade on it seems this blog doesn’t need new content – it needs a freaking curator. And a new domain. And a companion Tumblr.  And a Twitter account. And a Twizzler. And a Bublé. And a Twickle. And some Audioblasts. And some new weekly features that I keep up with for a week, at least. And moar thalattosaurs. And more original music videos:

Maybe I’ll finish that bird meme I started in 2006.

I am five-years old. I am a tree. I impel my rolling steed with speed and skillful steering…

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