Where on Google Earth #217

18 October 2010

Let’s dust off the old keisaku and slap this sleepy blog back into being shall we?

I had the good fortune to properly triangulate the identity of the last “Where on Google Earth” challenge over on Glacial Till and so am duty bound to post the next challenge shown above.  You know the drill: give the coordinates and some explanation in the comments below.  The correct answer earns the honor of posting the next challenge on their blog.

Happy hunting!

4 Responses to “Where on Google Earth #217”

  1. […] to find than I thought it was going to be and he managed to nail it on the head. He just posted “WoGE #217″, so head on over there and check it […]

  2. lockwooddewitt Says:

    That’s Doherty Slide on Route 140, near the OR/NV border. Lat. ~42, Long. -119.5. Geology is basin and range block faulting in volcanics- not sure of the age here, but Miocene-Pliocene most likely. Saline playa in the basin, nervous drivers on the grade- this is one mind-blowing drive.

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