This Heat

18 July 2010

I mean.  You see it. right?

The base photo above is from a fantastic set of photos captured 1400 M below the surface of the sea off the coast of Australia.

persons of the dialogue: Socrates, Ted "Theodore" Logan, Bill S. Preston Esq.

Speaking of Australia: these photos were brought to my attention via the indispensable twitter feed of @beccrew, of Save Your Breath For Running Ponies fame, whom incidentally, is up for very well deserved recognition as OZ’s finest science blogger.  I strongly urge that you GO VOTE for her, rather than bothering with the nonsense below.

[Socrates: is it just me or is microecos really going down the tubes ?]
[Ted Logan: dude? did you not hear?  the science blogosphere is, literally, falling apart .]
[S: is not microecos a cultural studies blog ?]
[TL: that never made any sense anyway .]
[Bill S. Preston Esq.: whatever.  this kind of cute, circular bullshit was going on from the start .]
[S: aren't these links broken?  what is that even about ?]
[TL: the internet rots afore mine eyes .]
[BSPe: son, chill. i'm telling you always already again .]
[S. who wants cake ?]

And on the off chance you came looking for this, here:


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