Beyond the Cryosphere

26 April 2010

April, as the poet has it, truly is the dickest month.  Which is a way of trying to excuse the hoary coat of freezer burn that has descended thick upon microecos just lately into its fourth year (!) of doing whatever it is (was) that it does (did), here, then (now).

The internet is the diffused cryonic vat for the terminally arrested brain, and you can call me Люба.

Which, anyway cryology might just as well be the word of the week for anyone keeping score at home.  So keep your eye out for gems from the freezer, a Triassic footnote to the Franklin Expedition, and less, but anyway, don’t hold your breath.

Also, I wrote a poem about termites somewhere.

In the mean time go check out the latest Accretionary Wedge at Mountain Beltway, a fantastic compilation of blog posts about geological heroes extinct and extant, including a great post about geologically inclined satirists from, um, cryology and co. [alarms sound, lights flash, duck confetti falls]

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