16 February 2010

A warm-spell here in California (see? Global Warming is REAL!) finds me home-bound nursing a cold, trying to ignore a mild case of urushiol poisoning and swatting at mosquitoes.

With the latter comes some silver linings tho.  We saw a monster bat winging around the arboretum on Sunday.  That same day I heard a familiar sound overhead, the unmistakable descending cries of White-throated Swifts.

Swifts are year-round residents across much of the state — but here in the Sacramento Valley they seem to be seasonal visitors, at least I can’t recall having seen or heard them since November or so.

So, suck it Punxsatawny Phil – spring is here, bitches.

*This counts as Decimating Birds X by the way, 7 – 9 to come, some day.

**microecos just passed 100k views – crazy.

One Response to “Aeronauts*”

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