Taxidermy tuesday: Lepus cornutus

26 January 2010

Lepus cornutus Zoologisches Museum‎, Zürich Switzerland

Body clothed in a no-cloth robe,

Feet clad in turtle’s fur boots,

I seize my bow of rabbit horn

And prepare to shoot the devil of Ignorance

Hanshan, Cold Mountain Poem 91

Jackalope are a dime a dozen out here in the American West, but I had to go to Switzerland to see a Rasselbock.  Or is it a flightless Wolpertinger?  Or maybe a Raurackl?  Hard to say, really.

Joris Hoefnagel Animalia Qvadrvpedia et Reptilia (Terra): Plate XLVII, c. 1575/1580

3 Responses to “Taxidermy tuesday: Lepus cornutus

  1. Grady Smith Says:

    Taxidermy is truly an art.

  2. […] Friday night found us trapped on Donner Pass in the middle of a blizzard, hoping our reserves of cold torillas and dried mangoes would sustain us long enough to avoid resorting to the grisly survival tactics of previous parties.  Fortunately the road re-opened and after navigating some sketchy icy roads we finally arrived at to our weekend destination: a rented cabin in Carnelian Bay on the shore of Lake Tahoe, only 5 hours later than planned.  As soon as we made it through the door we were welcomed by this chap, infamous cousin of the European Rasselbock. […]

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