PZ Myers Signed My Squid

22 January 2010

Loligo opalescens (click for hi-res version)

“I just need one whole squid.” To his credit, the fishmonger did not bat an eye.  Even better, he gave it to me free of charge.

Later, before the talk, I confessed, “I have a mollusc in my pocket.” “Me too!  I have a limpet that’s been in there for 2 years.”  “Neil’s is a bit fresher than that.”

Later, “Oh no. What have you done?” saith PZ Myers,  “This almost feels wrong.” (I’d like to report he said ‘sacrilegious,’ but he didn’t.)

“What are you going to do with it?” asketh PZ, “Are you going to eat it?”

“Well, it’s been sitting in my pocket for a few hours”

“I wouldn’t recommend eating it then…”

Wise words from a wise man.  Likewise when he compared Ray Comfort to an incompetent sphincter.

The squid is in the freezer with Spike the water monitor.  I think I’ll name it PZ Jr.

2 Responses to “PZ Myers Signed My Squid”

  1. […] now that he’s on sabbatical and doing a lecture tour in California, one admirer brought a fresh squid to be autographed. Naturally, the professor obliged. Posted in Americas, humor. Tags: cephalopods, humor, PZ Myers. […]

  2. hectocotyli Says:

    “I have a mollusc in my pocket.”

    I bet you say to that to all the visiting biologists. Dirty bastard.

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