Looking like a fool with your bats on the ground

19 January 2010

Another gem from the Oakland Museum of California for this week’s Taxidermy Tuesday.  Despite the throw-away titular joke, this display is actually a clever illustration of the unusual foraging behavior of the Pallid Bat (Antrozous pallidus).  Like most insectivorous bats, the Pallid Bat can capture prey in flight.  But because it often feeds on large terrestrial arthropods, like this Jerusalem Cricket that is about to get done et up, the Pallid Bat frequently captures its prey on the ground and then carries it back to a roost to eat.  Some other bats have adopted similar secondarily terrestrial habits, most notably the New Zealand bats in the genus Mystacina.

Hehe, titular.

2 Responses to “Looking like a fool with your bats on the ground”

  1. beccrew Says:

    I once saw a giant bat walking on the beach with its wings. It was pretty frightening.

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