Weird Fish

14 January 2010

Here’s a terrible photo taken with my cellular telephone at the San Francisco dining establishment Weird Fish.  The waiter introduced the specials thus, “um, I don’t know if you know this, but our specials tonight are…” I thought this was hip pretense, but Jessica pointed out that there was a specials board so I guess it was just politesse?  Anyway the food was good, supposedly sustainable and relatively well-priced.

All of which is really just an excuse to plug Weird Bug Lady’s ongoing sarcopterygian plush sculpture series the first of which is a Devonian lungfish like those in the vintage poster above:

Rad.  We can only hope she tackles Pederpes or even better Gooloogongia.

2 Responses to “Weird Fish”

  1. weirdbuglady Says:

    Hehe! Well I’ve finished Eusthenopteron today, next up are Panderichthys, Tiktaalik, Acanthostega, Ichthyostega, Tulerpeton and Pederpes… not sure if I’ll attempt any others, we’ll see how long it takes 🙂

  2. Neil Says:

    Dibs on Pederpes?

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