A picture, few words

13 January 2010

So, what is it?

11 Responses to “A picture, few words”

  1. Adam Says:

    is it a cetacean leg bone?

  2. Mo Hassan Says:

    It’s a baculum of some sort, isn’t it?

  3. Neil Says:

    Indeed, it is a baculum. A potentially lethal baculum. Any more guesses as to whom it’s from?

  4. Kari Says:

    Baculum of the European bear has been used as a pen (Tacky if you ask me) and it´s about the same size, so my guess is: Bear

  5. Neil Says:

    Wow. After a week long lull Kari fires up the guessing again!

    It’s not a bear baculum, but you’ve pushed the ball forward quite a bit. I was going to reveal today, but I’ll give you all another week.

  6. Gretchen Says:

    How about walrus? or killer whale?

  7. Neil Says:

    Both good guesses – walrus bacula are even more impressive:
    Check this one out, for example

    Though, relative to body length, this one might have them beat.

  8. Gretchen Says:


  9. Neil Says:

    Getting veeeeeery close…

  10. Gretchen Says:

    I cannot figure out your “clue” about it being potentially lethal.

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