Taxidermy Tuesday

5 January 2010

Raccoon and culvert - Oakland Museum of California

The fact that I can never seem to maintain a weekly feature for more than a few weeks or so isn’t really any reason not to launch another one right?  Like most of you I am sure, I have lots of photos of mounted animal specimens from natural history museums, bars etc.  Some are interesting for what they are, others for how they are displayed, and some are just straight up crappy.  This one falls into the second category I suppose, a very honest if unglamorous display from the Oakland Museum of California.  The museum is currently undergoing a major overhaul, I hope this guy makes it into the new exhibit!

6 Responses to “Taxidermy Tuesday”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Darn, I wanted to follow that link, but I’m at my mom’s school and they say

    “ is categorized as adult.language”

    Saddest thing I heard today was when they’re reading “Dear Mr. Henshaw” aloud together, and they stop to discuss what the dessert the mother makes called a “struedel” is, and the only one who had a guess says “it’s like a pop tart.”

  2. Neil Says:

    Well, can’t say that I disagree with ABCUSD’s decision to block Why they are allowing access to microecos though…

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Neil, while i like your photo of the installation I can understand why you think it the pop tart of taxidermy

  4. Yes, I think it will survive the reinstallation. If you ever find out who stole the rat out of the culvert, tell them to put it back, we miss it!

    –Curator of Aquatic Biology
    Oakland Museum of California

  5. Neil Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Christopher!

    I didn’t even know about the rat — but I’ll keep an eye out. Also, the duplex unit adjacent to mine supposedly has a Rattus surplus if you’re in the market for a new one.

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