Tanystrophic Theatrics

21 July 2009

…with apologies to the Theatrical Tanystropheus.  Lots of “work” to keep me “busy” and away from “blogging” this “summer.”  But I did return from Europe with a steamer trunk of full of chocolate, some knives, and a shit-ton of pictures–so I’ll try to post a steady trickle of the latter over the next few weeks.

Ah, Tanystropheus: proof that the Creator has either a sense of humor or a cannabis habit.  Tanstropheus seems to be the only protorosaur that gets any play and generally I’m loathe to reinforce such hegemony, but one must admit the dude is wholly protarded in the best possible sense of the word.

While perhaps a bit out of date–and arguably biomechanically impossible–these diorama reconstructions at least convey to the museum visitor to check it: some crazy-ass critters called this planet home in the past. You can pierce your labrum, or whatever, but basically your species is pretty weakly conventional. Srry.

5 Responses to “Tanystrophic Theatrics”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    That long neck makes me think it was compensating for somethin’.

  2. […] microecos posits a stoned god: […]

  3. Thanks for the link, Neil! I’m glad that somebody else finds this genus as wonderfully bizarre as I do. 🙂

  4. […] A recent post on microecos depicting a rather flamboyant animatronic Tanystropheus model convincingly proves that I’m not the only one who thinks that this critter’s extreme proportions could have made for a Broadway-worthy beast! […]

  5. Sordes Says:

    The diorama is from the Löwentor Museum Stuttgart. I was from a recent special exhibition and is no permantly on display. I have a lot of photos from this exhibition, but only very few ones of this special diorama are online, like this photos of the Saurichthys model which is next to the Tanystropheus:
    Here is also another one showing a Nothosaurus and the Tanystropheus in the background:

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