15 June 2009

Hescheleria by Zach Miller.

Granted, this is a cop-out.  I’m in the airport, on my way to meet Hescheleria and friends.  Hard to believe it has been over a year (well over in fact) that Zach sent me this drawing for use in my now infamously nonexistent post on thalattosaurs.  Perhaps by the time I get back I will finally have something interesting to say about these, the enigmaticist of hellasaurs–you know, anything could happen.

In the meanwhile, go check out the latest edition of the Boneyard over at Zach’s blog.  See you in a few weeks!

2 Responses to “Grenzexcuseszone”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    Forgot all about this picture! What the heck happened to this poor guy’s tail?

  2. Nick Gardner Says:

    Thalattosaurs are interesting if you like taxa that have no living descendants. 😉

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