Looking For Shit on Google Earth

3 June 2009

Naturally, shortly after reading about Fretwell and Trathan’s success locating emperor penguin breeding colonies by searching satellite imagery for Antarctic skid marks, I fired up Google Earth to have a shot at shite-site sighting myself.  Generally, Google Earth’s coverage of Antarctica is fairly low res, understandably.  So I was actually slightly surprised that plugging in the coordinates provided by Fretwell and Trathan yielded astonishingly good results.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Amazingly, a few of these are even among the newly discovered sites noted in the new study.

In fact, one wonders if there might yet be undiscovered colonies waiting to be found by intrepid Google Earth explorers, as has already been done with Roman villas, impact craters, and Cannabis plantations &c.

Next up: Google Earth, guano mining and seal hunting.

3 Responses to “Looking For Shit on Google Earth”

  1. Hugh Says:

    I used it (I think it was Google map) to find a problematical squatter in a nature reserve where I was working. His blue tarp was a giveaway.

    I couldn’t help but feel it was a little unfair.

  2. lockwooddewitt Says:

    According to the sidebar at The Accretionary Wedge, you have participated in this geology carnival in the past. We have a new edition going up soon, around the theme of “When and where would you most like to visit in person to witness something first-hand?” Are you going to be able to join our time warp? (more details at the link) We’re trying to get The AW back on it’s feet, and would love to have you participate. Sorry for the short notice, but late submissions will be added on as they arrive.

  3. […] scientific papers I have read all year: weirder than hermit eurypterid hand puppets, stranger than penguin poop from space, more fantastic than plastic barnacle penes, and more incredible, even, than psychic […]

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