Fluvial Mudstones are the new Candy Girls

25 May 2009

I once wrote a paper entitled “Applying the Principles of Stratigraphy in an Analysis of Melodrama.” Sadly, this was long before There Will Be Blood came out.

This video by Grizzly Bear reminds me of that paper, for several reasons, but, I’ll spare you the golemy details.  I dig the layers of metaphor though, puns possibly not intended.

Anyone recognize the location?  Anza Borrego or something?  And presumably those flags in the first scene are a paleo site right?

Props to Radov for leading me, indirectly, to this video.

Photo from cigarettesandredvines.com

Photo from cigarettesandredvines.com

4 Responses to “Fluvial Mudstones are the new Candy Girls”

  1. ruffle Says:

    chris taylor has a great head of hair

  2. Neil Says:

    By which you mean this Chris Taylor, and not this one I imagine. Just to clarify. No insult to Mr. Taylor’s thoroughly respectable pelage intended.

  3. And here I had been considering commenting, before I decided that might seem self-serving.

    For the record, I have some of the world’s most incredibly shit hair.

  4. quilty Says:

    I had forgotten how unbeatably psychedelic that video is. Props also to encyclopedia pictura for directing. (unformed list-spew: sandow birk, fear and loathing in LV, natural born killers, Jodorowsky, uhhhhh)

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