Bear Flag Republic

23 March 2009

gorda-bear-2Don’t know about you, but I find it terribly difficult to stay on task while visiting museum collections.  Sure, I’ve got the 20 page print-out of specimens I’m supposed to measure.  And, sure I deeply want to look at Lobodon and Kogia and Lissodelphis and Hydrodamalis. I mean, truthfully, I really want to bring the sea cow skull down to the table and well, you know, cuddle for a while.


All of which I did, except for the whole sketchy sirenian molestation bit.  But…I also, of course, peeked at the babirusa and popped open the giraffe braincase (hey, it was already sectioned man).

babiesAnd I couldn’t help but admire the shelf of California grizzlies, several of which had interesting dates attached to them but that’s another story.


gorda-bear-3_1Note the bullet hole.  See you after the wedding.

3 Responses to “Bear Flag Republic”

  1. Dr Vector Says:

    A little attention to anatomical detail, please: that’s not a bullet hole, it’s a foramen of Winchester.

  2. Neil Says:

    I am, as ever, humbled by your command of vertebrate anatomy, Herr Doktor.

  3. myrmecos Says:

    I hereby nominate you for Best Closing Line of a Blog Post, 2009.

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