Because every archeological discovery deserves a breakfast cereal

3 February 2009

choco-canyonUm…what are you working on?” my lab mate asked.  A few hours earlier she had shown me a truly rank skull that she had just dissected from a frozen chimaerid.

“…well…” I paused to consider my explanation.  “There’s a new paper out in PNAS about the discovery of thousand-year-old chocolate at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.  So, um I decided to design a cereal box based on that concept…”

“Oh, okay.  I’ll let you get back to that…”

For the record, the cereal’s mascot is named “Cocoapelli.”  Hat-tip to Will Baird for the name “Choco Canyon.”

4 Responses to “Because every archeological discovery deserves a breakfast cereal”

  1. Will Baird Says:


    That is excellent! Waaay better than the mere pun I used.

    I am laughing so damned hard right now. Funny thing is that I nearly made some hot chocolate before reading this. Really good thing that I didn’t!

    I already have a reputation for ruining computers at work with Dr Pepper.

    Thanks for the hat tip, btw.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh man! These sound waaaay more appetizing than my box of Sima De Los Hues-Os.

  3. Neil Says:

    Yeah, it’s amazing that those made it through the focus group….

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