Ripples across the intertoobz

1 February 2009

icroecos is in the throes of a minor traffic surge thanks to generous links from two of my favorite writers/bloggers.

Last week, Darren Naish picked up the Triassicist mantle with the first in a series of posts about everyone’s favorite herbivorous hellasaurs, the rhynchosaurs.  Which reminds me, I better get that thalattosaur post up before I get scooped.  Tet zoo readers who’ve wandered here in search of Triassic hellasaurs are encourage to hunt around…there are many hiding in the morass.

Then, I discovered this morning that Chris Clarke has been kind enough to include my post about Arrow Canyon in the first edition of the Carnival of the Arid over at Coyote Crossing.  It’s an amazing collection of desert-themed writing, ranging from poetry to the Pliocene, I highly encourage microecos regulars to check it out.

Those who’ve arrived here from Coyote Crossing might enjoy this tale of urban geology that touches on some the temporal and spatial themes that underlie the Arrow Canyon piece.

2 Responses to “Ripples across the intertoobz”

  1. Darren Naish Says:

    Relaaaaaax, I’ll leave thalattosaurs (huh: thalattosauriforms.. another dumb decision) alone for now. You go girl.

  2. pupok Says:

    good pictures. thanks.

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