How to snare the nimble marmoset

30 January 2009

My favorite monkey?  First I was thinking Hanuman Langur:

Thomas Schoch - GNU/CC

Thomas Schoch - GNU/CC

but I thought a little longer and decided, Emperor Tamarin.  I’m pretty happy with my decision.  So now this is a monkey meme or whatever.  What’s your favorite monkey?

3 Responses to “How to snare the nimble marmoset”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I would have to say the Barbary Macaque. Mostly for effing up the whole tail/no tail monkey/ape dichotomy. Saucy!

    The Japanese Macaque a close second…

  2. Jeremy Says:

    probably Monkey Alan, from the warehouse

  3. Neil Says:

    Capital choices all around.

    As far as the Japanese Macaque goes, the opening scene of Baraka makes my head explode every time I watch it. It’s almost enough to make me buy into the 100th Monkey Myth

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