Fun with Fake Tilt-Shift

15 January 2009

Tilt-shift is a relatively sophisticated photography technique that allows photographers to play with perspective creating dizzying, fantastic images that confound our expectations about scale.

Tilt-shift maker is a fun, and easy to use website that allows you to simulate the effect (albeit imperfectly) on your own photos or things you find on the web.  I knew there was a reason I was taking so many photos of rooftops while I was in China… (click for larger versions)





2 Responses to “Fun with Fake Tilt-Shift”

  1. BrianR Says:

    I saw an exhibit at the SF MOMA that was a 15-min film about Las Vegas … they flew over the city and surrounding areas and used this exact photography method … it was surreal. LV already looks like a toy city … with this technique I really thought they were scaled models.
    Amazing stuff.

  2. Neil Says:

    Thanks for the comment Brian, that would probably be Olivo Barbieri. His photo of the Hoover Dam is particularly amazing.

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