WW3: Hardcore Anemochore Action

14 January 2009


3 Responses to “WW3: Hardcore Anemochore Action”

  1. DNLee Says:

    happy ww
    is that a cat tail?

    I have photos of all kinds of fluffy seeds or whatever they are – like dandilions, sycamores. what’s the word to describe these cottony-like, makes-my-nose-itch-to-look-’em flower structures? is there one?

  2. Neil Says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Yep, the top photo is a cattail and the middle one is a coyote bush (Baccharis). In composite flowers (dandelions, salsify etc.) I believe the parachutes are called pappi (singular: pappus), I’m not sure if that applies to other cottony wind dispersed seeds, botanists love making up words for structures so there probably is one.

    “Anemochore” is more general term referring to wind dispersal of plants or animals.

  3. DNLee Says:

    tanks for teacing me some new ‘keywords’.

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