Wakarimashta ka?

15 December 2008


img_0588Wakarimasen.  Name the cucurbit:  Winner recieves an Afrothere t-shirt! (Christopher Taylors need not apply).img_0590

8 Responses to “Wakarimashta ka?”

  1. Neil Says:

    a missing S. don’t get me started about dartmouth

  2. Jeremy Says:

    first post!

  3. Jeremy Says:

    awh, shit. you can see that i thought i did.
    anyway, that melon looks like something i saw hanging from a tree, a tree of the same color green, which I believe I’ve seen the type before w/ large thorns on, though i don’t remember seeing such on this particular w/ the dangled melon

  4. Christopher Taylors need not apply

    Fine. Bloody fine. I wouldn’t want to identify your stupid cucurbit even if I could. Poo.

  5. neil Says:

    Damn, I was hoping the reverse-psychology would work.

  6. Amanda Says:

    Is it a water gourd? Lagenaria siceraria???

  7. jessica Says:

    Do I get a free tshirt if I name the crazy animal in the photos?

  8. Neil Says:

    Lagenaria! Brilliant work Amanda. I honestly had no clue what it was since the seed packet was in Mandarin. Judging from the seed shape it looks like it probably is indeed Lagenaria; the packet says “Hu Gua” apparently one of many names for the calabash/bottle gourd/water gourd/cucuzzi.

    Okay, so I better actually get those t-shirts printed out now, especially since Tom Holtz is now advertising them on the Vert Paleo listserv! Amanda: send me your address and a size request when you get a chance and you *might* see one before we harvest our next crop of Hu Gua….

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