Symbionts abroad…

10 November 2008

Domesticated animals in the field-

Summer in southern China, August 2008



From top to bottom:

Homo sapiens and Bubalus bubalis – on the last, muddy stretch a very long journey we came upon a mired dump-truck loaded with cinderblocks–a boy and his buffalo chilled in a rice field as the sun set–we went no where for a very long time.

Capra aegagrus hircu: “Guizhou black” breed?

Equus caballus

Homo sapiens, Bubalus bubalis and Canis lupus familiaris – this was a particularly awesome posse.

Equus asinus – not visible: In ancient times there were no donkeys in Guizhou Province. Somebody brought a donkey from somewhere and tied it to a tree at the foot of a mountain. A tiger saw the donkey, and thought that it must be a fearsome monster. It hid behind a tree and spied on the donkey .When the donkey brayed ,the tiger was frightened, thinking that the donkey was about to devour it. After a while ,seeing that the donkey had not moved, the tiger approached it and teased it. The donkey became angry, and kicked the tiger. The tiger thought to itself:”Is that all it is capable of?” It then jumped on the donkey and ate it.”

Bos taurus

Bubalus bubalis and concrete shrinethe Anhui buffalos are considerably bulkier than their Guizhou cousins.

Homo sapiens – older kids would invariably turn away when I tried to take their picture, but I got lucky with this young boy.

For even more photos of water buffalo try: on Bubalus.

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