27 October 2008

Art Shapiro came strolling through the garden today while I was working up a bed for lettuce and mustard greens.  “Good day to do the work,” he said, matter-of-factly, “and we should have rain by the weekend.”

“That’s a’good news for the plants,” I stammered, sweat-soaked, apparently pretending to be Italian.

A few moments later an enormous red-tail—well a low-flying one at least—appeared overhead.  She wheeled once, and continued south, ruddering with her ruddy rectrices.  I thought of Epidexipteryx, but only for a moment.  A buckeye danced about the garden.  Following or fleeing Art? I couldn’t tell.

On the way back I saw a flicker on a telephone pole, a seasonal first for me, I think.  Later, I found this weevil on my arm.  Hypera postica I guess?  Canadians already celebrated their National Weevil Day, but ours doesn’t come until the 27th of November, which seems kind of late, but you know: Puritans…go figure.

Later still, I gave myself a haircut and an unintentional rat-tail which Jessica mended when she returned from Point Reyes.

Blogging is awesome.  I’m going to bed.

2 Responses to “Auspices”

  1. neil Says:

    You’re right, blogging is awesome.

  2. Neil Says:

    Not really, I guess everyone is confused by your “buckeye” reference.

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