My caucasian friend in the red t-shirt says, “no more white presidents”

20 October 2008

I don’t photograph well–occassionally I’m not even visible.  Still, sometimes I get lucky.  To wit: I’ve been featured on Ugly Overload! (or, “Ugly Overlord” as I like to call the website in my head.)  Fame, fortune and naughty mermaids all will no doubt follow soon.

As long as I have your attention, this one goes out to Randy, to whom I drunkenly raved about Ethiopiques before imploring the patrons of the hip-hop club downstairs to vote and attempting to rally them with an empowering round of “¡Sí Se Puede!” above the strains of “BOYZ” which, it turns out is a waaaay better song than “Womanizer.”  All of which goes towards explaining why I was so wan and hoarse at the paleo-bloggers lunch and why I was never able to get around to making a joke that I’d been saving up for weeks about microecos being the result of a thought experiment where an infinite number of adapids were placed in a room full of selectrics and a mason jar full of mescaline.

Um, yeah.  So you’re welcome Randy.

And one more thing.  Hesperornis is totally a marine reptile and anyone who says otherwise can suck it.

p.s. (she’s in the hot tub.)

7 Responses to “My caucasian friend in the red t-shirt says, “no more white presidents””

  1. jessica Says:

    Pizza Driver Pizza Driver.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Yes! Aw, I wish I’d been there.

    So, any time you want some east coast fun, J and I would totally love for you to come stay with us.

    It was really nice meeting you. In person.

  3. Neil Says:

    Thanks Amanda, at least you got to stick it to the man. Although I guess she was a woman in your case.

  4. Julia Says:

    Just catching up with emails. Not sure why you didn’t make it into one of those photos (did you have to discreetly turn away and chunder into a paper bag?). Great as always to see you at SVP, and you make sure you get one of those spiffy student travel grants to come to Bristol.

  5. neil Says:

    So that’s what “chunder” means…

  6. 220mya Says:

    Awesome. ThHanks for reminding me – which volume is supposed to be best?

  7. Neil Says:

    Volume 8 – Swinging Addis is my favorite.

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