Look out San Francisco, B.C.

25 September 2008

When I heard that Pink Floyd song, “Another Brick in the Wall [Pt. 2]”, I hated it. It angered me because when they said, “Leave those kids alone,” i was like, “Fuck you, I want to learn! Hey, teachers, don’t listen to them.” I was like a nerd, y’know. –– David Berman, Pitchfork interview 8-18-08

Originally I pictured “San Francisco B.C.” taking place in a fictionalized West Coast, a reimagining of the boundaries between cities and provinces and nations.  But the song does begin with “old” and is written in the past indicative so I’m now more partial to imagining the story set in the actual San Francisco of our own world thousands of years ago.  Tonight I’ll ask D.C.B. which reading he intended.

One Response to “Look out San Francisco, B.C.”

  1. hopscotch Says:

    he explains this in the wfmu live performance of the jews but i don’t remember what the answer was.

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