The first rule of Blogger Bioblitz is

21 September 2008

You do not blog about Blogger Bioblitz!  Actually, like most of the “facts” on this blog, that’s precisely untrue.

Over the next week the data, and the meta-data, and the meta meta-data will be accruing at the official 2008 BBB portal.

We conducted a decidedly half-assed, but highly enjoyable, blitz (well more like “semi-observant stroll”) on Saturday near Sly Park, Pollock Pines, El Dorado County, CA.  Pictures and summary tomorrow.

Until then, here’s Clyde who was certainly the most “blitzy” member of the crew and still reeks of mountain misery:

PS: You have a week to conduct your own wildlife survey operation in your backyard, neighborhood, garage, local park, compost pile, vacation getaway, Forest Service land that adjoins your pot plantation etc!

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