15 September 2008

Molluscs: let’s face it they’re delicious.  If there wasn’t a local folk tradition in Anhui that eating a gravid snail is an auspicious event it would be necessary to invent one.  Uh, such tradition that is.

Which reminds me: UCMP scholar Jan Vendetti has a blog about food in Japan, and studying snails in Japan, though not necessarily about studying gravid food snails in Japan.

Also, Os Mutantes are hawking Happy Meals, forty years later !?!? WTF!!!

4 Responses to “Mmm…protoconch…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh man. The Gravid Snails? I love their early stuff!

  2. neil Says:

    Yeah, the UK version of Veliger is one my all time favorite albums..

  3. 220mya Says:

    Woohoo – someone else who likes Os Mutantes. But yeah, what the hell? Its the last music I’d expect to hear on a McDonalds commercial. Still, better than “I’m lovin’ it.” At least I can enjoy the audio portion of the commercial.

  4. Neil Says:

    In fact: I noticed last night that the end of the commercial closes with a subtle, tropicalia-ed out “I’m lovin’ it.” But yeah I have to admit, the song does put a smile on my face despite the context.

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