Golden State Blues

18 August 2008

Neil Freeman
once hated on the unfortunate appearance of my homely homeland: [paraphrasing] ‘those stupid yellow hills are just so ugly.’ I’m sure I weakly defended the honor of golden state, but honestly, he had a point.

Upon reflection though, it’s odd to realize that the annual grasses that define the iconic summer landscape of California are strangers on the land. Native perennial bunchgrasses are to be found here and there, mostly in Apollonian grids amidst freeway interchanges and Central Valley campus faux-topographies.

[note to “restoration” minded state-funded landscape architects: ditch the quincunx already. seriously.]

The mystery then, enwarping twin enigmas, is, why should these two Central Valley natives be so perfectly camouflaged against an exotic flora? Also, name both species for a gajillion points. It shouldn’t be too hard. For bonus points, what’s going on with those berms in the top photo?

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