Permission to treat the “so-called” blogosphere as a hostile witness?

17 August 2008

Dudeskies: I’ll bet some of you out there are actually purchasing produce these days huh?  LOL!!

3 Responses to “Permission to treat the “so-called” blogosphere as a hostile witness?”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Well yeah but mostly because I can’t cook without garlic and onions… man cannot live on dicotyledons alone.

    BUT if your guys grew that toaster… I am, renewedly, incredibly jealous.

  2. kevin z Says:

    Nice cache! I like the toaster too.

    I buy from the farmers market though. Except for avocados… damn i love avocadoes. Damn you California!! You get me addicted to avocados then i have to leave and there are no mo avos. sniff…

  3. neil Says:

    Way to call a brother out Kevin. Indeed there are some avos–probably from Mexico–hiding in the basket.

    And, before our garden kicked into high-gear we were subsidizing from the farmer’s market and the Davis Food Co-op. But I have to say even the freshest organic local produce can’t hold a candle to home grown goodness…

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