The Descent of I and I

30 July 2008

I‘ve always said (okay, well maybe never out loud): “if I weren’t an evolutionist I’d definitely be a Rastafarian.”

Well, it turns out, I can be both!

That’s track nine from the Origin of Species in Dub, “Light will be thrown.” Origin… in Dub is an audio/video mash up of Quotes from Darwin, dub poetry and some irie beats. The website even translates the rasta patois for confirmed baldheads.

I wish that I’d known about this video on Monday when I lectured on human origins to a class of leany, heavy-lidded undergraduates woefully lodged in summer session purgatory–perhaps it would have woken them up!

Tip of the dread to salt-encrusted deep sea pioneer Kevin Zelnio.

One Love!

One Response to “The Descent of I and I”

  1. kevin z Says:

    Isn’t it freaking da bomb?? I’ve been listening to Bigmikeydread Radio on iTunes all day now after I listened to all the chapter of Origin in Dub.

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