Middle Kingdom

17 June 2008




Well, I’m back.  Actually I’ve been back for a week.  Still jetlagged and sick.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.


Gan bei!

3 Responses to “Middle Kingdom”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    Oh crap! He’s gonna check his email and find NOT ONE thalattosaur! Fear not, the sketches ARE done, they’re just awaiting ink. Some people would say I’m swamped, I’d say I’m just lazy. 🙂 I’ll get ’em to you by the end of the week, though.

    Hope you feel better. Tell me about China, brother! See any feathered dinosaurs fluttering about?

  2. Laelaps Says:

    Good to have you back, Neil. I hope you feel better soon (especially since you’ve got us all wondering about the details of your trip!)

  3. Tom Says:

    Tell us all about it!

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