He gets confused, flying over the dateline…

30 May 2008

Holy crap.  I’m going to China tomorrow!  WTF!?  Suffice to say things will probably be even more quiet than usual around here for the next ten days, depending on my ability to break through the great red firewall.  Oh, who am I kidding, like I’m gonna spend my time blogging anyway!?

In the meantime, go check out my first (and last?) published piece of fiction which appears in the latest issue of Ins&Outs magazine.  From the contents, click “highlights” and scroll down.  You’ll be transfixed by the convoluted smear of ink while the meaning jets away unseen!

See you in a few days!

3 Responses to “He gets confused, flying over the dateline…”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    Well done on the piece, sir! I must read it!

  2. ben montgomery Says:

    riveting story my talented friend

  3. hopscotch Says:

    i heard that magazine was a drug front

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