Enigmatic Triassic Hellasaur Thursday – Prospecting

22 May 2008

No detailed hellasaur exposition today I’m afraid, I’m off to UCMP to…well, play with Triassic hellasaurs.  This seems to be an appropriate moment to bestow some mad props on Annie Alexander (pictured above, looking for Triassic hellasaurs in Nevada).  Sugar heiress, asparagus farmer and founding benefactress of UCMP,  Annie was sort of the anti-Paris Hilton of the early 20th Century.   By all accounts she was a totally inspiring and ground-breaking figure who contributed immensely to the growth of science on the west coast, both as a philanthropist and as a talented field naturalist.

Alexander discovered many important Triassic fossils in California and Nevada while accompanying Berkeley paleontologist John C. Merriam on collecting expeditions which she funded.  In fact, she discovered the type material of one of my favorite Triassic hellasaurs of all, which I’m going to check out right now!

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