Worst mistake of my life?

20 May 2008

Back around the turn of the century, I joined Friendster.  Everyone was doing it.  It took me a while to jump on the MySpace band-wagon I wasn’t sure if I really needed another social networking site.  Once again, I’ve succumbed to the evil force of peer-pressure and finally joined facebook.  I can already see my productivity going down the toilet…hey but at least I’ll have an active e-social life!

3 Responses to “Worst mistake of my life?”

  1. Zach Miller Says:

    My friends, too, have been poking me in the ribs to join Facebook. I already have a Myspace account that I never check, though. Why get TWO?

  2. Nathan Myers Says:

    One thing is certain: in time you will come to regret every second that you put into any of these sites. Think of them as vampires, sucking your life away.

  3. Chelsea Says:

    Good grief, I know you’re being glib, but I’VE probably witnessed you make bigger life mistakes than making a facebook page.

    I used Facebook to find a dentist today, and you can put more pictures on it for free than Flickr.

    Maybe you can think of them as European medical leeches, which you could say are “sucking your life away” if you are feeling grumpy, but if you are in a good mood you could say might stimulate circulation in extremities you’ve forgotten about. I mean, do you really need a blog?

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