17 May 2008

Had I any brains at all, or mad self-promotional skillz, I would have kept up better with the bug-sex here at microecos. Natura graphica continues to be one of my most frequently visited post–thanks in large part to traffic generated by a brief bit of link love Bora posted years ago–right behind the horrendously titled Oh, oh here she comes she’s a mantid eater, though that one seems mostly to draw in wayward Hall & Oates fans…

At any rate, the insects are copulating wildly this time of year and stroking the sex organs of plants with reckless abandon, sometimes both at the same time!  Since I’ve had such luck with the weekly installment format why don’t we start a Saturday Insexology series?

We’ll kick things off with a reader quiz: Anyone up for identifying the lusty couple pictured above? Too keep it from being too easy I tweaked the colors, though that itself is a subtle hint…  I’ll have the answer next week along with some fresh bug sex shots to share!

3 Responses to “Insexology”

  1. I’m guessing lampyrid beetles (firelies).

  2. Laelaps Says:

    I’m with Ted on this one.

  3. […] appears that my flagrant photoshoppery successfully obscured the identity of last week’s amorous arthropods from all both contestants!  Here’s the original unmanipulated shot, less intimate perhaps, […]

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